That's a wrap!

We successfully sold out ALL of our Fireside Session workshops this past Spring! Huzzah!! Thank you so much for attending, being interested and engaging attendees, telling your friends, or just building our SEO by clicking on this page. Also, big high fives to our collaborator and co-creator of the series, Rachel Burns at The Content Chop Shop.

Since we received a lot of positive feedback, we plan to host Round 2 of the series in the Fall of 2017. Our next round will likely be hosted outside of Richmond and we are currently looking at the Norfolk or VA Beach area. If you know of any awesome locations that would comfortably fit 20-25 people with space for writing, please drop us a line

Interested in the next round of workshops?

Get on our e-mail interest list below and we'll let you know more details as soon as we have them. We may even ask your opinion on where to host them and what you'd like to learn more about!  


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